Sit-in at Royal Ice Cream Parlor.

March 26, 2024 by Troy

Photo credit: Durham Herald-Sun

Rev. Douglas E. Moore, a pastor at Asbury Temple Methodists Church, and seven of his Sunday session attendees staged a sit-in at Royal Ice Cream Parlor, sitting in the whites-only section asking to be served. When the group refused to move, the police were called, and the group was arrested for trespassing. Despite trying to appeal their case to the Durham County Superior Court and the State Supreme Court, both were denied stating that the 14th Amendment only allows protections of discrimination by the state, not private facilities.


Although often overshadowed by the Woolworth sit-in, the Royal Ice Cream Parlor protest served as a pioneering model for subsequent sit-ins. Activists scrutinized the tactics employed in this pivotal event, using them as a blueprint to refine and enhance strategies for future sit-ins and protests in the ongoing struggle against segregation.