The Golem with Live Score Plays at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on October 30

October 23, 2023 by Sandy Lerebours

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DURHAM, NC — October 23, 2023 — The film, “The Golem” plays at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on October 30 with a live score performed by Mallarmé Music on Baroque period instruments. 

“The Golem” depicts the ancient Hebrew legend of the creation of a golem by a Talmudic rabbi to protect his people from the tyrannical rule of Rudolf II in 16th-century Prague. A golem is a being in Jewish folklore sculpted from clay and animated by the mysterious secrets of the Kabbalah. Once brought to life, the golem becomes a seemingly indestructible juggernaut equally capable of heroic feats and dreadful violence.  

Paul Wegener’s adaptation of the myth in his film “The Golem” is regarded as one of the greatest achievements of the silent film era and remains an undeniable landmark in the evolution of horror film.  

Mallarmé Music is a chamber music ensemble based in Durham, North Carolina. The ensemble’s name comes from Stéphane Mallarmé, the 19th-century French poet and philosopher who believed that true art is created through a unity of music, dance, literature, and the visual arts. In keeping with their namesake, Mallarmé performances are often interdisciplinary.

This special screening of “The Golem” is presented by the theater’s Retro Film Series, which hosts double-features of classic films most Friday nights and includes several sub-series of films including MovieDiva Film Series, a series featuring films from classic Hollywood with strong female leads; Retro Epics Film Series, featuring some of the most monumental movies in film history; and Kaiju-Quest Film Series, a Japanese genre of film focused on giant monsters. More sub-series in the Retro Film Series can be found on the Carolina Theatre’s website. 

Tickets to The Golem with a live score are available at the Carolina Theatre box office and the venue’s website — 




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