The Carolina Theatre Announces its Newest Season of its Retro Film Series

November 20, 2023 by Sandy Lerebours

January Through June Season Announced | Tickets On Sale Now 

DURHAM, NC — November 20, 2023— The Carolina Theatre of Durham announces its newest Retro Film Series happening January-June 2024. 

Started in 1998, the Retro Film Series brings classic double feature films to the big screen every Friday night. Retro spotlights film noir, old Hollywood, horror, sci-fi, and classic blockbusters. In addition to its beloved double features, Retro also hosts genre-specific and weekend-long sub-series.  

This season’s double-features include “Top Gun” and “Red Dawn,” “The Goonies” and “Groundhog Day,” “Jurassic Park” and “Rollercoaster,” “North by Northwest” and “Strangers on a Train,” and more. 

Weaved within this season’s Retro Film Series will also be nine sub-genres of classic films —  MovieDiva Film Series, Kaiju-Quest Film Series, Disney-Quest Film Series, Retro Rocks! Film Series, Retro Epics Film Series, FantasticRealm Film Series, RetroGothic Film Series, RetroNoir Film Series, and Retro: The Criterion Collection Film Series. 

The MovieDiva Film Series and Kaiju-Quest Film Series happen on select Wednesdays. MovieDiva focuses on classic films with strong female leads. Films include “Gentleman Prefer Blondes,” “Roman Holiday,” “The Women,” and more. Kaiju-Quest is a Japanese genre of film focused on big monsters. The series includes a variety of films pitting Godzilla against other monsters including King Kong, Mothra, and Gigan. 

Disney-Quest Film Series, Retro Rocks! Film Series and Retro Epics Film Series happen on select Sundays. Disney-Quest features animated and live-action Disney movies including “Newsies,” “Frozen,” “Freaky Friday,” “Tangled” and more. Retro Rocks! will feature music documentaries and biopics, concert films, musicals, and movies with generation-defining soundtracks. “Rock n Roll High School,” “A Knights Tale,” and “Heavy Metal” are among the featured films in the Retro Rocks! Film Series. Retro Epics will feature some of the most monumental movies in film history, including “Inland Empire,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” 

FantasticRealm Film Series, RetroGothic Film Series, RetroNoir Film Series, and Retro: The Criterion Collection Film Series happen over a weekend in January, March, April, and June respectively. FantasticRealm is January 12-18 and features imaginative adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi films from childhood. The series includes “Treasure Planet,” “Dark City,” “Death Becomes Her,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and more. RetroGothic is a gothic horror-based series from March 22-28. Films include “House of Wax,” “Black Sabbath,” “The Vampire Doll,” “Castle of Blood,” and more. RetroNoir features classic hard-boiled crime films, mysteries, and whodunnits. RetroNoir happens April 26- May 2. Films include “Double Indemnity,” “Sunset Boulevard,” “The Lady From Shanghai,” “In a Lonely Place,” and more. Retro: The Criterion Collection is June 21-27 and features culturally important classic and contemporary films that are a part of Criterion’s archive. The series includes “After Hours,” “M,” “Fellini Satyricon,” and more.  

The full series of films can be found at Retro double feature tickets, Sunday screenings, and weekend series are $12. Wednesday screenings are $10. Season passes are $150 and Plus+ passes are $200 and are available at the theater’s box office. Please see for more information. 



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