The Star Lounge is a great opportunity for current members with a membership level of Friend or higher to mingle and relax before a show. Enjoy the beautiful space and admire the work of a rotating featured artist.


Please contact Abigaile Bates with any questions at abigaile@carolinatheatre.org.


Members can redeem their one complimentary drink at the concessions stand in the lounge.

A cooler with bottled soda and water, as well as a popcorn warmer, will be available soon in the lounge!

Yes. Members with a membership level of Friend or higher, please present your current Star Member card when entering the lounge. This is to ensure that members have exclusive access to this perk.

The lounge has been arranged to allow Star Members an exclusive space while still allowing non-members access to the restrooms and concessions stand.


As A Colorful Chaos, my artwork is an exploration of healing, and expression. I use surrealism and the art of storytelling to express the often unique and dreamlike experiences of People of Color, while also celebrating their resilience and beauty. As a woman of color, I live with similar struggles and creating has been pivotal in my ongoing healing process within my own mental health and spirituality journey.

By interviewing people, I draw inspiration from their stories and explore what makes them feel empowered and loved in hopes to heal generational trauma within and outside the community. Through my bold use of colors, ethereal imagery, and surrealistic elements, I invite viewers to consider the importance of self-reflection and introspection in the pursuit of healing and self-discovery.

Ultimately, my art is a reflection of my own desire to create a space for dialogue and contemplation around issues that are often overlooked. I encourage the audience to meditate on their own experiences and perspectives in the context of a broader, more inclusive world.