Kaiju are the mortal enemies of skyscrapers everywhere! Literally meaning “strange beast,” it is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters, usually attacking major cities, the military, or themselves. And the Kaiju-Quest Film Series brings all the greatest monsters back to the big screen on select Wednesdays, including Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Gamera, and even some of the colossal creations of Ray Harryhausen. Through the amazing designs of some of the greatest special effects wizardry in the movies, Kaiju-Quest recaptures the magic of your favorite fantasy and adventure movies from childhood. The ones you remember watching with friends on Saturday afternoon matinees during summer vacations. Timeless examples of what movies do best of all—free-ranging fantasy adventure, epic in scale, heroic in concept, and imaginative in execution. They’re fun movies. They’re meant to be.