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Capacities & Rates

1,048 seats

Our main auditorium seats 1,048 and has hosted a diverse lineup of live events and film for nearly a century. Fletcher Hall has been restored to its 1926 décor, and is the only downtown building designed in the Beaux Arts style. The stage house is 30 feet by 64 feet, with a proscenium opening of 31 feet, 8 inches. Its modern stage-level dressing rooms can host up to 54 performers.

Rental Rates

226 seats in Cinema One
49 seats in Cinema Two

The cinemas were created during construction of the adjacent Durham Convention Center, and opened on December 31, 1993. New cinema seats were installed into both Cinema One and Two in March of 2015.

Rental Rates

Rental Policies

National Artist Rental Policy
As our exclusive booking partner, NS2 has the right of first refusal to present any national touring artist. If you’d like to rent the Carolina Theatre of Durham to present a national-level artist or tour, NS2 must waive their right of first refusal or agree to a co-promotion. Upon that waiver, Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. can discuss terms.

Challenge Policy

If you have placed a later hold on the same date as another show that is not yet confirmed, you may challenge for that date. Challenges can only be made after potential renters have agreed to terms, signed a contract and made a refundable deposit.

To keep the challenged date, date-holders have 24 hours agree to terms, sign a contract and make a non-refundable deposit. In the event that more than one date-holder needs to be challenged, each hold will have 24 hours to confirm or release the date in question.

Liability Insurance
Please utilize this link to submit proof of insurance for your confirmed and contracted event OR to purchase insurance for your event within the Carolina Theatre. Every event within the Carolina Theatre must have proof of insurance submitted ten (10) days prior to the scheduled event date.

Rental Inquiries
Rental questions can be directed to or (919) 560-3040.