John Darnielle Praises Durham, Carolina Theatre in Rolling Stone

April 10, 2015 by admin

Singer, songwriter, author and Durham resident John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats is one of the world’s most creative and respected living artists. When he’s not writing and recording critically acclaimed music, he’s busy penning novels like Wolf in White Van – a best-selling, National Book Award-nominated novel.

Much to our delight, Darnielle absolutely loves his hometown and its historic theatre. For example:

• Last November, Darnielle was the VIP (Very Important Puzzler) on the Ask Me Another episode recorded at the Carolina Theatre. He thrilled the crowd with his knowledge of Death Metal.

• Earlier this year, Darnielle donated — and asked others to help the cause — when the theatre was raising funds for new cinema seats.

• And now, in a new Rolling Stone feature story about his new album, Beat The Champ, Darnielle once again professed his love for Durham and the Carolina Theatre:

From the Rolling Stone story:

“If you stayed here for a week you would think about moving here,” Darnielle says as we drive around downtown Durham. “It’s so f@*king badass.” Darnielle points out the farmers market, Dame’s Chicken and Waffles (“the best restaurant in the South”) and the Carolina Theatre, which he talks about like he’s gunning for a spot on the Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s probably my favorite place on the planet,” he says. “Built in 1926. They have a monthly horror festival that I’m a big supporter of called Retrofantasma. They also have one of the biggest North American documentary film festivals, Full Frame, and an annual horror festival called Nevermore.”

That’s amazing praise. We’re blushing (as much as an 89-year-old gal can blush). We’re also incredibly proud to be part of a community that nurtures and supports the arts enough so that remarkable artists like John Darnielle (and others) want to live and perform here.