Family Saturday, Music

Family Saturday Series presents

Uncle Devin

Uncle Devin is an award-winning drummer and percussionist who specializes in “Family Funk.” Known as “The Children’s Drumcussionist,” he is a national leader in the family music industry. Uncle Devin and 25 other artists are members of the 1 Tribe Collective whose album “All One Tribe” was GRAMMY-nominated for Best Children’s Music Album in 2022. He is co-owner of “The Uncle Devin Show®,” an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds – a dynamic cross between DC’s Trouble Funk and Schoolhouse Rock.  The entire family will experience the rhythm of Uncle Devin’s infectious blend of jazz, funk and DC’s official music, Go-Go.

Some performances may be too loud for guests. Ear plugs are recommended for children with sensitive ears. Bring your own or stop by our box office to pick up some kid-friendly ear plugs.

Uncle Devin es un baterista y percusionista premiado que se especializa en el “Family Funk.” Conocido como “The Children Drumcussionist,” es un líder nacional en la industria de la música familiar. Uncle Devin y otros 25 artistas son miembros de 1 Tribe Collective, cuyo álbum “All One Tribe” fue nominado a los GRAMMY como Mejor Álbum de Música Infantil en 2022. Además, es uno de los dueños de “The Uncle Devin Show®,” una experiencia musical interactiva para niños que utiliza instrumentos de percusión para cultivar la mente; una fusión dinámica entre el schoolhouse rock y el trouble funk de DC. Toda la familia sentirá el ritmo de la contagiosa fusión de jazz, funk y la música oficial de DC, el go-go, de Uncle Devin.