The Monti: Mirage

  • Sat, September 9 at 8:00pm
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    You’ve been walking in the desert for hours, days. Wait, is that water? Yes, it’s a pond or is it a lake? What’s a lake doing in this…oh…yeah, that’s not water. Then you collapse, curl up into a ball, and cry. Mirages can take many forms. They can be that one person who enters your life. You think they are everything you want and need, until you realize they were never that at all; a mirage can be the town in which you grew up, the place you vowed to leave at the earliest opportunity…and then you don’t because it’s the only place you ever felt safe. Mirages are everywhere.

    Join us on Saturday, September 9th at 8pm for an evening of live storytelling that revolves around the idea that what we think we know could be something entirely different.