Comedy, Drama, Horror

RetroGothic Film Series Presents

Theater of Blood

  • Sat, Mar 25
    • 7:10pm
  • Sun, Mar 26
    • 2:10pm
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Edward Lionheart (Vincent Price) is furious that his last season of performances in Shakespearean plays did not win him a prestigious acting award from critics. After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, he sets out to murder all his critics, each with a different style of death taken from a Shakespeare play. That we also get Diana Rigg is just icing on the cake. Strange, funny, and surprisingly bloody, this is a perfect entry point for someone looking to understand just why Vincent Price was all he was cracked up to be. 



SAT, MAR 25 | 7:10 PM – CINEMA ONE
SUN, MAR 26 | 2:10 PM – CINEMA TWO