Drama, Thriller, Western

Retro Film Series presents

The Searchers & 3:10 to Yuma

  • Fri, May 24
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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(1956, 119 min)

In this revered Western, Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) returns home to Texas after the Civil War. When members of his brother’s family are killed or abducted by Comanches, he vows to track down his surviving relatives and bring them home. Eventually, Edwards gets word that his niece Debbie (Natalie Wood) is alive, and, along with her adopted brother, Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter), he embarks on a dangerous mission to find her, journeying deep into Comanche territory.

Followed by:

Delmer Dave’s 3:10 TO YUMA
(1957, 92 min)

In this beautifully shot, psychologically complex western, Van Heflin is a mild-mannered cattle rancher who takes on the task of shepherding a captured outlaw (Glenn Ford) to the train that will deliver him to prison. This apparently simple mission turns into a nerve-racking cat-and-mouse game that tests each man’s particular brand of honor. Based on a story by Elmore Leonard, “3:10 to Yuma” is a thrilling, humane action movie.