OUTSOUTH Film Festival Presents

The Men with the Midas Touch

Men/Gay International Shorts

  • Fri, Aug 12
    • 5:10pm
  • Wed, Aug 17
    • 5:10pm
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All The Awards I Never Gave You
In the bathroom at an awards ceremony, an unexpected encounter between two young actors brings up unresolved feelings and a love story that may not have come to an end yet. 


A visual short coming of age story of a young boy discovering his sexuality. 


On the eve of Chinese New Year, a closeted Chinese international student living in New Zealand, oppressed by the expectations of his parents, plans to lose his virginity to a stranger that he meets online. 


Hear My Voice
Mike moved to London hoping to find love and the dream part that would launch his opera career. One night, during yet another hook-up, he sees the apparition of his grandmother, a glamorous, eccentric woman with whom Mike used to travel the world. Her visits push Mike to come to terms with himself and allow him to make an unexpected connection. 


Kiss Me
A mischievous teen explores an empty beach house unaware of the video cameras watching his every move. 


The Night Train
Oskar is on the night train, heading home after an interview in Stockholm. With a long night ahead of him, he makes eye contact with Ahmad. For the first time he meets the gaze of someone who feels the same desire as he does. 


Tomorrow Then
Marc and Jordi reunite after a few days apart. They’ve been in an open relationship for a while, but for the very first time and in the span of only twelve hours they find themselves in a new, unexplored emotional territory. 



FRI, AUG 12 | 5:10 PM – CINEMA ONE
WED, AUG 17 | 5:10 PM – CINEMA TWO