Comedy, Drama

Retro: The Criterion Collection Film Series Presents

The Magician

  • Sat, Jun 22
    • 7:10pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Jun 23
    • 4:30pm - Cinema Two
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With “The Magician,” an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of chicanery that doubles as a symbolic portrait of the artist as a deceiver, Ingmar Bergman proved himself to be one of cinema’s premier illusionists. Max von Sydow stars as Dr. Vogler, a nineteenth-century traveling mesmerist and peddler of potions whose magic is put to the test in Stockholm by the cruel, eminently rational royal medical adviser Dr. Vergérus. The result is a diabolically clever battle of wits that’s both frightening and funny. Shot in rich, gorgeously gothic black and white.

In Swedish with English subtitles.