Biography, Documentary, Music

Retro Rocks! Film Series Presents

The Last Waltz

  • Sun, Dec 10
    • 2:00pm
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It started as a concert. It became a celebration. The music world has been absolutely bombarded lately by aging icons announcing their farewell tours and goodbye concerts. They’ll no doubt leave their fans with one last memory to store away, but few have ever said goodbye more memorably than The Band with “The Last Waltz.” Shot beautifully by Martin Scorsese, the concert film caught The Band still at the height of their powers onstage, spoke candidly behind the scenes with members, and saw more than a dozen guests ranging from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Joni Mitchell and Neil Diamond take the stage. It’s the all-star jam to end all-star jams and a fitting farewell in the spotlight for a group of musicians whose band name came from shirking the attention.