Nevermore Film Festival Presents

The Activated Man

Physical Festival Exclusive

  • Sat, Feb 24
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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Ors Gabriel struggles with the grief and pain from losing his best friend and beloved dog, Louie, to cancer. The shock from the trauma brings on strange visions only Ors can see. While he questions whether his mind has fractured or if it’s actually real, a mysterious rise in murder-suicides takes hold of the city, and Ors becomes haunted by images of a shadowy figure known to many as “The Fedora Man.” Through torments and terror, Ors uncovers dark secrets from his past, forcing him to embrace who he really is and what he is meant to do. But, with escalating visions of “The Fedora Man,” Ors must face his fears as he spirals downwards, testing the very limits of his sanity.