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Retro Film Series Presents

Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi

  • Sat, Sep 3
    • 1:30pm
    • 9:30pm
  • Sun, Sep 4
    • 7:00pm
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After rescuing Han Solo and Princess Leia from certain doom at the hands of crime lord Jabba the Hutt, Luke rejoins Yoda. Only by completing his Jedi training can Luke become a true Jedi Knight and defeat Darth Vader. The film boasts Oscar-winning special effects and a remarkable chase on airborne speeders through a forest.

Please note that cosplay is encouraged, however, no weapons are allowed into the Carolina Theatre, including lightsabers (toys/non-functioning replicas included). For the safety of our guests, please leave these items at home or in your car.

Which version of the “Star Wars” trilogy will be screening at the Carolina Theatre?

Disney+’s versions of  “Star Wars” are not the original theatrical cuts, but they aren’t the 1997, 2004, or 2011 versions either. Instead, the platform has the 4k versions George Lucas began working on in 2010 as part of a 3D edition intended to be released on DVD. Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, the 4k project was left aside and was picked up by Disney+. This version is an extension of the 2011 Blu-ray edition that used the original prints and took some extra time to work on some of the changes from previous editions.

Star Wars Visual Comparisons points out that the 4k version required scanning the negatives from the 1997 special editions (the closest there is to the 1977 prints), which allowed Lucas to redo (and fix) every change since 1997. The Disney+ version fixed a lot of mistakes and is now the most complete version of the original trilogy available.