Drama, Mystery, Retro, Thriller

MysteryRealm Film Series Presents

Spotlight On A Murderer

  • Sat, Jun 25
    • 4:40pm
  • Sun, Jun 26
    • 2:20pm
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(1961, 95 min, France)
First-ever screening at Retro!
The third feature by the great French maverick Georges Franju (Eyes Without a Face, Judex) is a delightfully playful romp through Agatha Christie territory with a script written by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac of Diabolique and Vertigo fame. When Count Hervé de Kerloquen (Pierre Brasseur) vanishes without a trace, his heirs are told they must wait five years before he can be declared legally dead. Very upsetting indeed, even more as they are required to keep up the estate in the meantime. To collect money, nephews and nieces organize a show at the manor while busily looking for the missing corpse. But unexpectedly, they get killed in turn!

In French with English subtitles