Action, Comedy, Drama

MovieDiva Film Series Presents

Spawn of the North

  • Wed, May 24
    • 7:00pm
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A brawny, brawling, bawdy Western, transplanted to Alaskan salmon fishing waters, “Spawn of the North” features incredible documentary footage of the artic wilderness (the 2nd unit spent 14 weeks shooting background). Ostensibly a love quadrangle with rough and tumble hotelkeeper Lamour, and an old sweetie returned (Louise Platt); the real heat is between boyhood pals Raft and Fonda, leading one writer to describe this as perhaps the most homoerotic film of 1930s Hollywood. There is a trained seal (Slicker) a wicked salmon hijacker (Akim Tamiroff), and a surprisingly respectful look at the traditions of Northwest Coast Indians.