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Men/Gay Drama Shorts - International

  • Sun, Aug 13
    • 2:10pm
  • Wed, Aug 16
    • 9:00pm
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Anandros* (Director: Yanis Crom)
In a Greek town, a teen suffocated within his social surroundings, uses art as a secret escape to express himself. However, the unexpected outing of his sexuality leads to family turmoil.

G Flat (Director: Peter Darney)
84-year-old cellist Ceri has lost his husband to cancer and his ability to play due to a debilitating stroke. His dull life is spent in solitude, save for the interruptions of caregivers and the solace of his iPad. Seizing the opportunity that a nighttime staff shortage brings; he uses Grindr to invite a 20-year-old rent-boy named Lestyn to visit. To Ceri’s surprise, Lestyn is a violinist at a nearby conservatoire who is supporting himself through sex work. An appreciation of contemporary orchestral music instantly bonds them, but when it’s time to get down to business, we find Ceri was looking for quite a unique experience than the one that Lestyn had expected to provide.

Just Passing (Director: Sophie Austin)
Del, a workaholic struggling with her mental health, wants to escape the numbness consuming her. Despite being surrounded by people, she feels alone and is more comfortable navigating London at night. After experiencing an attempted assault by her colleague, she has a chance encounter with Sami, a homeless undocumented man from Nigeria. Del begins to question what she stands for and starts to come to terms with her own immigrant roots. But hostility and distrust are never far away, and Del is forced to question how she can really help Sami when she is just as lost herself.

Martín* (Director: Álvaro Vargas)
Martín, lonely and isolated in his country retreat, manages to get a date for tonight. A compelling drama that reminds us that the stigma of HIV still lingers in our community and beyond.

A Short Story About Love* (Director: Miguel Machetti)
Cuenca, early 1990s. Amelia takes care of her soul friend Miguel, sick with AIDS, who, in his last wish, expresses his desire to receive the last rites and tells Amelia a secret that no one ever knew.

Sweet Home (Director: Lorenzo Sisti)
Caleb, a young war veteran, returns to his old home with the intent to reunite with his parents and to invite them to his upcoming marriage to his boyfriend. But a few happy memories are fogged by a difficult past and an even more complicated present.

*In native language with English subtitles



  • Sunday, August 13 | Fletcher Hall | 2:10 PM
  • Wednesday, August 16 | Cinema Two | 9:00 PM