OUTSOUTH Film Festival Presents

Set Your Aura Free

Transgender US Shorts

  • Sat, Aug 13
    • 9:00pm
  • Tue, Aug 16
    • 9:20pm
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How Not to Date While Trans
Here is a break-the-fourth-wall, dark comedy that follows the dating life of a Black trans woman and the problematic men she meets along the way. Andie searches for romance and self-love but ends with heartbreak. 


Hey Man
While navigating between steamy Grindr hookups and their rideshare passengers, Eli reluctantly alters their queer transmasculine identity to pass in a straight cisgender world for their physical and emotional safety. 


Ni Aquí Ni Allá
As the middle child of Christian pastors, Ley Comas never imagined that transitioning was possible. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Ley witnessed trans people portrayed as evil characters, punchlines in movies and TV shows, or outcasts and victims. This documentary follows Ley´s physical and psychological journey to become themself, while struggling to find a middle ground with their family. 


With gender and identity in flux, Corey and Mia struggle to redefine their relationship. 


What Being a Woman Means To Me
This film seeks to capture what discovering your transgender identity feels like from the inside, including the horror, anxiety, and eventual freedom.