Set Your Aura Free

Transgender Shorts

  • Fri, Aug 11
    • 7:00pm
  • Thu, Aug 17
    • 7:00pm
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Dilating for Maximum Results (Director: Nyala Moon)
A whack, irrelevant comedy about a Black trans woman who tries to dilate, after four years of not dilating, to hook-up IRL with her online boyfriend

(in)convenience (Director: Alexandra Greenspan)
An unexpected love story develops over a box of tampons between Phoebe, a mini-mart cashier, and Kirby, a guy in transition.

Mama Doesn’t Want to Go to the Beach* (Director: Ana Belén Barragán Castañeda)
A transgender woman resumes her hormone treatment while her daughter begins puberty and menstruates for the first time. Mother and daughter experience changes, doubts about their bodies, and face the fear of going to the beach for the first time.

Metamorphosis* (Director: Pietro Porporati)
Francesco, trapped inside a blossoming female body, harbors a secret he only shares with his mother.

The Script (Director: Brit Fryer and Noah Schamus)
Blending personal interviews with dramatized genre recreations, “The Script” explores the complicated relationship between transgender and nonbinary communities and their medical providers regarding gender affirming care. With a playful approach toward experimentation, the film examines the limits of language—and invites its participants and its audience to envision a liberated, gender-expansive future, beyond the rigidity of our current moment.

Sweet Star Grief (Director: Bowie Nichols)
A transgender love story between two childhood best friends reunited by circumstance. Nick is a recently widowed father of a young daughter, and Jodi is a transgender woman who has returned home to care for her elderly mother who has severe dementia.

Unnamed* (Director: Iranmehr Salimi)
Zainab is a successful girl who supports her family financially, but considers herself a boy in spirit, and now she has decided to undergo gender transition, but in addition to her family’s opposition and the society’s inappropriate view of this issue, she has more difficulties. There is something more important to come. Zainab, who played in the country’s national volleyball team for a while and is now in the Bartar league, realizes that if she does this, she will be removed from professional volleyball forever due to her short stature compared to men, and not only will she lose her professional future, but also her livelihood and her family, who under her care, will be in trouble.

*In native language with English subtitles