Horror, Mystery

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Saint Drogo

Physical Festival Exclusive

  • Fri, Feb 23
    • 5:10pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Feb 25
    • 4:20pm - Fletcher Hall
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Caleb has been plagued by nightmares about an ex who had been working in Provincetown, MA but now won’t return his calls. Under the guise of taking a respite, he convinces his boyfriend Adrian to trek down to the Cape Cod town in the offseason of winter. When they arrive, Caleb’s ex is nowhere to be found, and the locals provide no help. As Caleb’s dreams continue to haunt him, he becomes more determined to find his ex, even as the search puts more strain on his relationship. But the more he persists in his search, the closer he gets to the sinister secret the town is hiding.