Comedy, Drama

Retro Film Series presents

Network & S.O.B.

  • Fri, Sep 6
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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Sydney Lumet’s NETWORK
(R, 1976, 122 min)

More than 40 years later, anchorman Howard Beale’s (Peter Finch) tirade about being mad as hell and not taking it anymore feels more relevant than ever. “Network” imagines what would happen if a television channel exploited its newsman’s mental breakdown for ratings. William Holden is the veteran news producer who watches his division crumble, and Faye Dunaway is the craven programming executive who exploits Beale and takes Schumacher for her lover. The film won 4 Oscars (Chayefsky, Finch, Dunaway, and Beatrice Straight as Holden’s wife) and reaped six more nominations, including Best Picture.

Followed by:

Blake Edwards’ S.O.B.
(R, 1981, 120 min)

This is Blake Edwards’ savage skewering of Hollywood and what he calls its “Standard Operating Bullshit”. Director Felix Farmer’s (Richard Mulligan) latest big-budget movie is a box office bomb…and lots of Hollywood types spring hilariously into action. To salvage his picture, Felix decides to reshoot the movie by inserting a lot of raunchiness and having his goody two-shoes superstar (Julie Andrews) do a nude scene to change her image (much like Andrews herself was trying to do)! Aiding the madness are William Holden, Robert Preston, Robert Vaughn, Larry Hagman, Shelley Winters, Loretta Swit, and many more.