More Colors Than A Rodeo Flag

Queer Mixed Bag Shorts

  • Fri, Aug 11
    • 9:20pm
  • Sun, Aug 13
    • 6:50pm
  • Thu, Aug 17
    • 9:10pm
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Aban* (Director: Abbas Taheri & Mahdieh Toosi)
Nazanin is under constant pressure from her disapproving ex-husband that she should turn their child—Aban, nine years old—away from a very driven feminine taste. Then one day, Aban goes to the hospital thinking of undergoing life-changing surgery, and we witness a warning about one of Iran’s cultural and educational failures: exploring one of the most critical periods in a queer child’s life.

Brother (Director: Aleksei Borovikov)
With his wedding to Carlos approaching, Tony, a young immigrant to the US, invites his conservative elder sister to the ceremony—a fateful decision that forces Tony to choose between his family and his happiness.

The Girl Behind the Mirror* (Director: Luri Moreno)
A transgender girl locks herself in her room for fear of the monsters that threaten her outside, until a new reality appears behind the mirror where these monsters do not exist, and she is free to be who she is or who wants to be.

I Identify as Me (Director: Tina Colleen and Monick Monell)
“I Identify as Me” is a character-based, experimental short film that highlights transgender, gender-diverse people, and masculine-presenting women who are Black and Brown. Each character’s intersectional experiences connect us with common themes of their gender expressions outside of social norms, self-exploration, and affirming their true selves. Characters shed light on the reality of violence that can be inflicted due to someone’s race, gender, and sexuality. Despite these systematic and social challenges, the characters reaffirm that acceptance and self-love are the paths forward.

Stay (Director: King Louie Palomo)
A touring Drag Queen develops an irresistible connection with a local artist but must face the reality of their short-lived romance as their last night in town comes to an end. Starring Canada’s “Drag Race” legend Kendall Gender.

Think of Me (Director: Brandy Michelle Silva)
During war, two men fall in love. As they navigate the slippery slopes of the homophobic institution of the military, they find solace in knowing they have each other. When one of them dies the other has to deal with the loss of the love he had and the aftermath of realizing he’ll never be the same.

Wake Up* (Director: Cecilia Gessa)
Maria and Ana are lovers. Together and after many years with their husbands they have discovered bisexuality together. Ana is a more conservative woman; she does not dare to take the final step…while María continues to suffer having to share the woman she loves.

We Will Not Destroy Each Other (Director: Kevin Garner)
A young woman approaches her pastor with concerns about the intersecting identities of her sexuality and faith. It doesn’t go well, or does it, for her? A powerful examination of pride.

*In native language with English subtitles



  • Friday, August 11 |  Cinema Two  |  9:20 PM
  • Sunday, August 13  |  Cinema One  |  6:50 PM
  • Thursday, August 17  |  Cinema Two  |  9:10 PM