Let Me Do The Talking

PG-13 Mixed Bag Shorts

  • Sat, Aug 12
    • 2:50pm
  • Sun, Aug 13
    • 2:00pm
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And What If I Am? (Director: Bryan Powers)
Bullied by classmates and lacking support from his parents, Tim is suspended from school and left at home alone. Rebelling against his mother’s instructions, Tim chooses to spend the day with Josh, a mysterious new student in his class.

I Am Poem* (Director: Maite Bonilla)
Carlito, a sensitive but courageous young boy comes to terms with his gender identity and defies his heartless mother in hopes of her acceptance.

My Life at the Beginning* (Director:Ana Puentes Margarito)
It is New Year’s Eve in a small town in the mountains of Madrid, inhospitable and frozen. Rome is 9 years old, and his favorite place is the lap of his father. But the atmosphere is rarefied.

Peccadillo* (Director: Sofia Garza-Barba)
Lorenzo’s desire to explore his feminine side is a secret…and according to his religious family, secrets belong to the devil. With a choice to make, he’ll either live a lie, or come out to his loved ones by killing his secret AND THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

Sparkle (Director: Dristen Wolf)
A non-binary child struggles to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for their disapproving dad.

*In native language with English subtitles