Drama, Horror

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Kill Your Lover

Physical Festival Exclusive

  • Fri, Feb 23
    • 9:10pm - Cinema One
  • Sat, Feb 24
    • 7:20pm - Cinema Two
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Here is a toxic relationship body horror with a punk edge! Axel and Dakota are stuck in a destructive relationship, slowly poisoning each other both mentally and physically. When Dakota tries to break it off, it causes a violent physical reaction in Axel that starts transforming him into a monstrous creature with increased aggression, a touch that melts skin, and, worst of all, he’s contagious. As the toxicity fully takes hold, Dakota becomes equally infected as the pair grapple with the remains of their relationship, which threatens to come to a bloody end. “Kill Your Lover” delivers tense horror sequences, heartbreaking interpersonal drama, and creative kills. It epitomizes the phrase “death by a thousand cuts.”

Viewer’s Guide: Strong sexual content