Comedy, Shorts

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Men/Gay Comedy Shorts

  • Sat, Aug 13
    • 2:50pm
  • Tue, Aug 16
    • 5:00pm
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Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson), once the hottest star of cable news, stumbles upon a “newsworthy sex scandal” and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for. Also starring Rachael Harris (“Lucifer”), Angelica Ross (“Pose”), Matthew Morrison (“Glee”), Johnny Sibilly (“Queer as Folk”), and Drew Droege (“Search Party”). 


Cocktail Hour
David and Andrew decide to both give sperm samples for an equal chance at being the biological father to their future child. While David seems to be a bottomless well of supply, Andrew runs dry. Escaping the sterile fertility clinic to a nearby motel, Andrew vows to try again, but as the pressure mounts, Andrew starts to unravel at the thought of being a dad.  


Halloween Special
A killer stalks a couple on their way to a Halloween party in this pop culture packed tribute to the horror genre. 


Send Pic?
Julie, a divorced mother, snoops into her son’s phone, discovering a shocking detail in his life. Jeremy lies to his mother to avoid further explanation, but it turns into an awkward revelation. They just want to be happy in their lives. Why are they pretending to be somebody they aren’t? 


Two-Headed Calves
“Two-Headed Calves” is Johannes’ and Marie’s wedding video. For Johannes the marriage is supposed to mark the start of a new life, and in the end it does, just differently than expected. 


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
On his 25th birthday, Cary invites his friends to the desert and requests one gift: for them to list everything they hate about him. A reckoning ensues. 



SAT, AUG 13 | 2:50 PM – CINEMA ONE