Animation, Fantasy, Horror

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

It’s Only a Nightmare, Charlie Brown

  • Fri, Feb 23
    • 7:20pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Feb 25
    • 2:20pm - Fletcher Hall
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PG-13 Dark Fantasy, Animation, and Horror Shorts

(Various Countries, 86 min)

(Spain, 5 min, 2023)
Boogey, a kid that is always wearing costumes, and Mildred, a witch that desires to be pretty, go simultaneously inside another dimension where their obsessions will become their worst nightmare.

No Dialogue.

(Spain, 5 min, 2022)
An intrepid fox-adventurer will travel through a dangerous fantasy world to find an enigmatic girl whose face appears in a mysterious token.

No Dialogue.

(Spain, 3 min, 2021)
Dennis, an employee of the biggest evil factory in hell, is going to prove why he is the worst at his job.

No Dialogue.

(Canada, 13 min, 2023)
Despite what Hallmark tells you, throwing your entire life away for the love of a stranger doesn’t always result in a happy ending. Madeline learns this the hard way when her romance ends in horror. Abducted by a crowd of happy cultists and put to work in a Christmas village factory, she’s forced to confront the artificiality of her past and face the terrifying question of: “What now?”

(US, 5 min, 2023)
Jimmy gets more than he bargained for on Halloween night when a legendary storybook character pays him a visit.

(Sweden, 12 min, 2023)
In this live-action space adventure made entirely with practical effects, a rescue robot is searching for survivors in a strange galaxy when he makes a dark discovery, leaving him with a devastating choice. Six years in the making, this is Simon Öster’s directorial debut. Winner of Méliès d’argent for “Best European Fantastic Short Film 2023.”

(United Kingdom, 2 min, 2023)
Late at night, a lone fisherman discovers he is not the only one hoping to hook something.

(Canada, 18 min, 2023)
Citizens from the well-fed, fenced off city can only venture beyond the “safety” wall on the government’s official train system. It distributes humanitarian aid and offers high-ticket tourists a rare chance to see life in the impoverished villages beyond the wall. A team of investigative reporters set out to expose the corruption behind the program but instead discover a horrifying secret no one thought possible. Adapted from the 2007 short story “Mozharovo” by Dmitry Bykov.

(US, 3 min, 2023)
A naturalist investigates the disappearance of a mother black bear while camping in a remote valley that may hold darker answers than he bargained for.

TEARS OF THE DRAGON (Lágrimas de Dragon)
(Spain, 5 min, 2021)
Susaiming and Lijiahao are two boys who play stick fighting in the countryside. One day, continuing the game, Lijiahao runs to hide in the forest. Susaiming chases Lijiahao, but loses sight of him.

No Dialogue.

WHAT WE DON’T SAY (Lo Que No Nos Decimos)
(Spain, 15 min, 2023)
Javier is taken aback by the abrupt passing of his absent father. He visits the morgue to identify the body, where he has a surreal encounter that forces him to confront both present and past traumas.

In Spanish with English subtitles.