Drama, Shorts


It’s Always Something

Women/Lesbian Drama Shorts - US/Canada

  • Sat, Aug 12
    • 5:20pm
  • Sun, Aug 13
    • 4:10pm
  • Tue, Aug 15
    • 9:10pm
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All for Yacht (Director: Ruby Drake)
Cass is meeting Sophie for the first time, but she can’t remember if they matched on Bumble Friends or Bumble Dating.

A Few Parties then Dinner (Director: Kayla Hopkins)
In hopes of restoring her confidence before an anticipated reunion with her ex, Bennie and her best friend, Lila, embark on a party expedition.

Her Curve (Director: Stacy Jill Calvert and Jaclyn Chessen)
An artist finds more than new skills at her art class. Cast includes legendary transgender actress Candis Cayne, an icon in the LGBTQ+ community.

If Things End (Director: Elena Chamorro)
“If Things End” is a film about a couple spending their last moments together before the inevitable end of the world. As River and Ari sit down for their final dinner together, tensions rise as they struggle to cope with the reality of the ever-nearing end of their lives. As the chaos from the outside world presses inward, they are pushed to their emotional limits. They are forced to decide if they will let the end of the world tear them apart or if they will let go of what they can’t control, so they can enjoy their last moments on Earth together.

Isolation (Director: Terry Galloway and Diane Wilkins)
This short film introduces us to KC, a tomboy with cerebral palsy, who escaped well-meant but oppressive over protectiveness from her loving mother, to find fun freedom in their queer identity, until Covid threw them back into isolation.

Losing the Spark (Director: Amanda Callas)
A lesbian breaks up with her robot girlfriend, revisiting their emotional moments in order to permanently wipe her memories.

My Lovers are a Collection of Books I’ll Never Get Back (Director: Jess Coles)
A weary actor falls for her doppelgänger at an audition. A profound rumination on life that focuses on the recognition that your best self is not outside of you, but inside of you, already poised to accept the risk of true self-expression.

People Watching (Director: Kate Campbell)
Two women on the edge of loneliness find each other on a bench at the zoo where the lush imagination of people-watching and their intimate connection awaken the wild of their individual longing.

Technicolor Roses (Director: Jeannette Rodriguez)
“Technicolor Roses” follows Maria, a young woman navigating a path to self-love, acceptance, and growth. With the help of her friend, Abi, Maria figures out that there is more to herself than she originally thought.