OUTSOUTH Film Festival Presents

Holding Out for a Hero

Men/Gay International Shorts

  • Thu, Aug 11
    • 9:20pm
  • Sun, Aug 14
    • 1:20pm
  • Mon, Aug 15
    • 9:20pm
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Boom and Bloom
In the Austrian Alps, father and son set out on a hike to finally climb to the top of their emotional world. 


Concrete and Steel
Victor and Nacho are lifetime friends and mafiosos. They’ve been tortured and chained to a cement block. While Nacho struggles desperately to break free, Victor tries to figure out why their boss has betrayed them. They reflect on their lives and their past, but then Nacho makes a confession that will change their lives forever. 


Draw Now
A teenage boy traverses the difficult terrain of puberty and sexuality. He is consistently conflicted inside and keeps his anxiety and issues bottled up inside. With no support system in place, he finds hope in the most unique circumstances. 


Two men that have never met arrange to meet house for a sex date. The lack of connection between them generates an increasingly awkward situation. 


Second Souffle
At 16, Gabriel takes over the camera of his deceased older brother and films his daily life with his little sister who is growing up, his mother who is sinking into madness, and a boy from his neighborhood. An unexpected encounter will lead Gabriel to film a first love. 



THU, AUG 11 | 9:20 PM – CINEMA ONE
SUN, AUG 14 | 1:20 PM – CINEMA TWO
MON, AUG 15 | 9:20 PM – CINEMA TWO