Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance

Retro Film Series presents

Harold and Maude & Going in Style

  • Fri, Aug 16
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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(PG, 1971, 91 min)

The self-destructive and needy wealthy teenager Harold is obsessed by death and spends his leisure time attending funerals, watching the demolishing of buildings, simulating suicides trying to get attention from his indifferent mother, and having sessions with his psychologist. When Harold meets the anarchist seventy-nine-year-old Maude (Ruth Gordon) at a funeral, they become friends, and the old lady discloses other perspectives of the cycle of life for him.

Followed by:

Martin Brest’s GOING IN STYLE
(PG, 1979, 96 min)

When watching the original 1979 version of “Going in Style”, you must forget everything you think you know about the film. Forget all the expectations that the 2017 remake has placed in your head. This is a very different picture. Senior citizens Willie (Lee Strasberg), Al (Art Carney) and Joe (George Burns) lead lives of uninterrupted boredom until they come upon the idea of robbing a bank. Though none of them has a criminal record, they find planning the caper an energizing experience all around. Even more surprisingly, they pull it off — but no sooner do they make off with the loot than their age begins to catch up with them.