Drama, Horror

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Graveyard of the Foreign Invaders

  • Fri, Feb 23
    • 2:40pm - Cinema One
  • Fri, Feb 23
    • 5:00pm - Cinema Two
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International Shorts

(Various Countries, 97 min)

(Spain, 14 min, 2023)
Valencia, 1998. A desperate woman who needs to help her father die turns to a mysterious people called “the accomplices” without knowing what their collaboration really means.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

(India, 8 min, 2022)
A quirky ode to Italian Giallo cinema, a young woman returning from a party is stalked by a mysterious masked killer who’s much more than what he seems to be. Starring Saiyami Kher and “BhaDiPa” fame, Renuka Daftardar.

In Marathi with English subtitles.

(Germany, 13 min, 2023)
A lonely fisherman is trapped under a shipwreck beneath an old pier. Threatened by the slowly approaching tide, he fights for survival. Things take an unexpected turn when eight-year-old misfit Miranda discovers him, while playing on the deserted beach.

(Germany, 13 min, 2022)
A lost tourist just wants a good old soymilk pumpkin spice latte. She finds her way into a creepy old delicatessen with a lot waiting for her, none of it being any kind of hot beverage. A story about incoming gentrification, even to the darkest mythical corners of the world: the power of the old gods is eternal, but it is nothing against the ubiquity of consumerism. Two characters playing out all the stereotypes have got to convince each other of an innocence that isn’t there on either side.

(France, 13 min, 2022)
Marc, a young city dweller, goes into the countryside where he stays on his own in a lonely house. He is expecting his girlfriend Louise who is supposed to come and join him soon, but she is late showing up. Marc is keen on keeping fit and becomes obsessed with the healthy daily routine he has set up for himself, but the silence grows heavier and heavier, and Louise hasn’t arrived yet. In the anxious surrounding calm, Marc gradually falls prey to the assault of all kinds of sounds that are usually ignored and sounds that are not usually heard.

In French with English subtitles.

(United Kingdom, 3 min, 2023)
A young woman walks alone at night…or is she really alone? A short film inspired by doppelgänger lore.

(United Kingdom, 16 min, 2023)
Jay wakes up dead – obviously murdered – and discovers that everything the agency told him about becoming a zombie was a lie. He wants to forget his former life and get on with his new reality, but he can’t stop his old memories flooding back, his new instincts kicking in, or the other zombies from following him. This revenge is happening.

(United Kingdom, 17 min, 2023)
Early one winter morning in the rural town of Rhuthun in North Wales, three men are called upon once again to carry out a terrible assignment on the Bwlch Pen Barras mountain pass. Shot on 16mm by cinematographer Sean Price Williams (“Good Time,” “Her Smell”) and featuring a score by Cian Ciaran and Dafydd Ieuan from “The Super Furry Animals,” “The Wyrm of Bwlch Pen Barras” is a Méliès d’argent-nominated Welsh language folk horror film about modern Wales, rooted in the country’s rich mythology.

In Welsh with English subtitles.