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Funny Bones

Men/Gay Comedy Shorts

  • Fri, Aug 11
    • 7:10pm
  • Mon, Aug 14
    • 7:00pm
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Check Please (Director: Victor Mignatti and Scott T. Hinson)
“Check Please” is a truly short comedy about the easy come, easy go nature of sexual attraction between strangers.

The Dinner* (Director Jesús Martínez “Nota”)
There are some issues which cannot be left for later! A recently out son shares some awkward and unexpectedly hilarious moments at dinner with his parents.

The Housesitters (Director: Graham High)
Erin and Matt are best friends, underemployed entertainers, and terrible housesitters. And when they find themselves staying at the site of an infamous murder, they begin to wonder if someone is trying to recreate the crime. Think “Will & Grace” meets “The Strangers.”

Shafted (Director: Del Shores and Emerson Collins)
What do you do when you find yourself in an elevator, alone with your gym crush? With sweaty palms and pits, Joel has a moment of balls, takes the leap of faith and asks him out. Rafi, the gym crush, hesitates a second too long, shattering Joel, who is now desperate to escape an expected rejection. Then, the unthinkable happens—the elevator stops. Between floors. They are stuck. With their rescue delayed, the two men are left with two bottles of screw-top wine and an awkwardly long time to consider each other beyond their first assumptions. With his world stopped, can Joel figure out why he’s stuck? And not just in this elevator?

Slay (Director: Kevin Hartford)
Faced with the impending departure of his BFF, Glen tries to rekindle old friendships…to varying degrees of success.

Topless (Director: Patrick Jensen Hansted)
“All in good time. I promise he will come to you.” This is something Anthony has been told by his mom. Little did he know that quote would follow him throughout his romantic endeavors. After a few years, being in his late 20s without experience building relationships, Anthony finds himself in a vicious cycle of heartbreak as he continues searching for true love. Anthony’s best friend Chloe sets him up with Justin, who wants a short-term, exclusive commitment. Chloe discovers that Anthony had sex with her boyfriend, Lucas. As tensions rise, Anthony relies on Justin for relief and comfort. Anthony takes responsibility for his actions and reaches out to the person who was there from the beginning—his mom, to fix the relationship that matters most.

Worst Date, Best Date (Director: Cameron Thrower)
Amy and Charlie are set up on a blind date by their grandmothers. From the beginning, the date is going horribly wrong, with both Amy and Charlie trying to find ways to get out of the situation. However, as they continue to talk, they discover that they share something in common. “Worst Date, Best Date” is a raw and heartwarming comedy about unexpected connections.

*In native language with English subtitles