2023 Nevermore Film Festival Audience Award Winner for Best Feature

Follow Her

  • Fri, Jun 2
    • 9:20pm
  • Sat, Jun 3
    • 7:00pm
  • Sun, Jun 4
    • 4:20pm
  • Thu, Jun 8
    • 9:10pm
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“Follow Her” is a psycho-sexual thriller in the shape of a Chinese puzzle box. Every time you solve one mystery, there’s another one hidden inside it. This Hitchcockian thriller wants to mislead you at every turn, confound all expectations, and provide at least one moment when you jump from your seats and come down screaming. Jess Peters (Dani Barker) — a struggling actress and live streamer — has finally found her hook: secretly filming creepy interactions she encounters via online job listings and using the kinks of others to gain followers and fuel her streaming success. For her next episode, she’s been hired to write the ending of a screenplay in a remote, lavish cabin. Once there, the alluring self-proclaimed screenwriter (Luke Cook) hands her a script in which the two of them are the main characters. One by one, the curtains of deception and intrigue are pulled back, and the most tantalizing thing about “Follow Her” is the way it keeps turning its tables in the dark. This client isn’t what he seems, and even though the money may be great…the real payment here could cost her life.