Drama, Fantasy

Retro: The Criterion Collection Film Series Presents

Fellini Satyricon

  • Fri, Jun 21
    • 9:10pm - Fletcher Hall
  • Sat, Jun 22
    • 9:25pm - Fletcher Hall
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Federico Fellini’s career achieved new levels of eccentricity and brilliance with this remarkable, controversial, extremely loose adaptation of Petronius’s classical Roman satire, written during the reign of Nero. An episodic barrage of sexual licentiousness, godless violence, and eye-catching grotesquerie, “Fellini Satyricon” follows the exploits of two pansexual young men — the handsome scholar Encolpius and his vulgar, insatiably lusty friend Ascyltus — as they move through a landscape of free-form pagan excess. Creating apparent chaos with exquisite control, Fellini constructs a weird old world that feels like science fiction.

Viewer’s Guide: Strong sexual content and nudity.

In Italian with English subtitles.