Evil Does Not Exist

  • Fri, Jun 14
    • 4:40pm - Cinema Two
  • Sat, Jun 15
    • 2:00pm - Cinema Two
    • 4:40pm - Cinema Two
    • 7:00pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Jun 16
    • 4:20pm - Cinema Two
    • 7:10pm - Cinema Two
  • Wed, Jun 19
    • 9:00pm - Cinema One
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Deep in the forest of the small rural village Harasawa, single parent Takumi lives with his young daughter, Hana, and takes care of odd jobs for locals, chopping wood and hauling pristine well water. The overpowering serenity of this untouched land of mountains and lakes, where deer peacefully roam free, is about to be disrupted by the imminent arrival of the Tokyo company Playmode, which is ready to start construction on a glamping site for city tourists—a plan, which Takumi and his neighbors discover, that will have dire consequences for the ecological health and cleanliness of their community. The potent and foreboding new film from Oscar-winning director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi (Drive My Car and Wheel of Fortune) is a haunting, entirely unexpected cinematic experience that reconstitutes the boundaries of the ecopolitical thriller. Intensified by a rapturous, ominous score by Eiko Ishibashi, this mesmeric journey diverges from country-vs-city themes to straddle the line between the earthy and the metaphysical.

In Japanese with English subtitles