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Every Day’s a New Day

Women/Lesbian Comedy Shorts

  • Sat, Aug 12
    • 12:50pm
  • Mon, Aug 14
    • 7:10pm
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Carly Dolls (Director: Maudie Schmidt and Jaxson Power)
When Carly, a naive, homeschooled fourteen-year-old, is forced to face the treacherous waters of public high school, she turns to her beloved dolls, Lily and Mermia, for comfort and advice. Sprung from Carly’s own vivid imagination and taking the form of life-size “friends,” they guide Carly through the ups and downs of growing up, fitting in, and figuring herself (and her sexuality) out.

Goodbye Tango (Director: Jason Laurits)
The sudden death of Ruth’s beloved hamster reveals a decaying marriage with her curmudgeonly wife, Connie. Ruth must either accept the death of things or keep spinning the wheel.

Hot Wheels (Director Shayna Davis)
Casey, a local roller rink employee, is crushing hard on the rink’s one regular patron that she thinks is way out of her league. The object of her affection is Janice, a middle-aged, flamboyant individual with an unorthodox passion for roller skating and her head stuck in the 70s.

Mr. Strappy (Director: Adolfo Vico)
“Mr. Strappy” is an LGBTQ+ romantic comedy short film exploring love and adult life. The story follows a couple who spend one night turning their house upside down trying to find a special possession that they think will spice things up in bed, bringing them closer again. As they search around their house and belongings, they reflect on their relationship and realize that what they are really looking for has been there all along, in the beautiful moments between them. “Mr. Strappy” is about that spark that sometimes goes missing in a relationship—when life’s distractions seem to get in the way of what’s important—and asks where it can be found again. Hint: it’s not the cutlery drawer.

Nature’s Bounty (Director: Chloe Linscomb)
“Nature’s Bounty” depicts an unconventional hero and her quest for a huge cash reward. However, Maeve, the bounty hunter, has a problem. She’s fallen for the bounty. As she fights her unresolved feelings towards her target. Maeve must make an impossible decision. Will she take her out or take her out.

Open Up (Director: Amanda Maddocks)
After drunkenly sending her best friend a love letter, a closeted high school graduate embarks on a frantic mission to get it back. But is it too late?

Over Easy (Director: Jiyeon Kim-Myung)
Two women, who just wanted to have a fun and casual hookup, are delivered a giant egg that’ll hatch into their baby. Having no motherly instincts at all, the two struggle through the night taking care of this unsolicited delivery item.