Drama, Horror

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Darker Than You Think

  • Sat, Feb 24
    • 12:30pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Feb 25
    • 2:00pm - Cinema One
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Graphic & Disturbing Horror Shorts

(Various Countries, 94 min)

(US, 22 min, 2023)
Dispossessed couple Tad and Penelope have fallen on hard times. Beneath the thin veneer of their marriage lies a rotting core of regret, frustration, and contempt. When Tad’s mother unexpectedly dies, and he comes into possession of his family home, he believes it will be the key to solving everything. But what awaits them in the house is not salvation. What awaits them is the final push that will finally send them toppling over that razor-thin edge into true despair. An infestation of monstrous bed bugs eats through the home and Penelope’s psyche. She becomes increasingly desperate for any escape from the countless new bites, the constant feeling of something crawling across her skin, the punishing summer heat, and her husband. It’s time for Penelope to purge herself.

(US, 20 min, 2023)
Two girlfriends pick up a traumatized woman near the scene of an accident. But something isn’t right about their passenger, and soon, the good Samaritans are trapped in a nightmare ride they’ll never forget.

THE LOVERS (Els Amants)
(Spain, 23 min, 2023)
It’s been years since Ovidi disappeared in the sea without leaving a trail. Teresa, his widow, still visits the cave where he was seen for the last time. Ten years later, the lovers will meet again, although not in the way they would have expected.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Viewer’s Guide: Sexual assault and strong sexual content

(US, 11 min, 2023)
An internet content moderator confronts the darkness within the videos he screens.

(US, 18 min, 2023)
After getting kidnapped and taken to a sex trafficking house on the outskirts of a southern town, Emma enlists the other victims to dive headfirst into a volatile escape plan where every girl must fight for her life.