Drama, Romance

MovieDiva Film Series presents

Dark Victory

  • Wed, May 1
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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The epitome of the classic Hollywood tearjerker, Judith Traherne, a horsey deb from the Long Island station wagon set is plagued by crippling headaches, and discovers she has s brain tumor. She falls in love with the doctor whose operation has given her a new lease on life, only to discover the reprieve is temporary. Bette Davis pulls out all the stops in her Oscar nominated performance, in turn defiant, merry, determined, hopeful, tragic, and noble. Humphrey Bogart, in possibly the most miscast role of his career is an Irish stable hand with a yen for the mistress. But it’s also a film that foregrounds female friendship, right up until the end. Also nominated for Best Picture in the remarkable year of 1939, bring your handkerchiefs for a big helping of Prognosis Negative.