Drama, Mystery

MovieDiva Film Series Presents

Corridor of Mirrors

  • Wed, Oct 25
    • 7:00pm
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“Corridor of Mirrors” is an exquisite dark, modern fairy tale evoking the surrealist films of Jean Cocteau. Mifanwy is a rather louche young woman who may be under a sinister spell. She accompanies Paul Mangin to a massive gloomy mansion in the heart of London in a horse-drawn cab.

He’s a creepy aesthete who fancies himself a reincarnated Italian nobleman and wants the sensual Mifanwy to join him in his twisted fantasy. She’s a princess who, unlike Cinderella who waits for a prince, or Snow White or Sleeping Beauty immobile without the touch of a man’s lips, she must summon the strength to break her own spell. Phuong Le in “The Guardian UK” cited Romney’s performance in this film as one of the greatest of all time.