OUTSOUTH Film Festival Presents

Changing Movement into Light

Transgender International Shorts

  • Thu, Aug 11
    • 9:30pm
  • Sun, Aug 14
    • 3:30pm
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17 Minutes with Nora
Nora is worried because she’s performing in a play at her school but being bullied by her classmates makes her face something much more important: being accepted by her dad. The following 17 minutes will change their relationship forever. 


101 Butterflies 
Today is the day Lola Perla confronts her long-standing personal covenant: to bail an ex-lover’s son out of jail. Meeting fiftysomething Nanding transforms into a reunion, and then, a communion of her present self, with an old love. 


Muhafiz (The Protector)
During the 2002 Godhra riots in India, a 30-year-old Hindu finds a twenty-something bearded Muslim boy, hiding in the bushes. Their dialogue leads to both men understanding each other’s plight a little better. Both conclude that the gay/trans community is no better off than the Muslim community – hunted and invisible. 


Now, Daphne
Daphne drives through desert landscapes. It’s nighttime. She meets people who seem to know her without being able to give her a name. Who is Daphne? Could it be a ghost who came to walk in the footsteps of her past?  


Soraya’s Secret
At the funeral of her best friend, Tania a transgender woman, receives a visit from the mother of the deceased, who refuses to bury her as a woman.