Crime, Drama, Noir, Retro, Romance, War

Retro Film Series Presents

Casablanca & Out of the Past

  • Fri, Sep 23
    • 7:00pm
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Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca
(1942, 102 min)
Resistance leader Victor Laszlo is wanted by the Nazis and his only hope is Rick (Humphrey Bogart), a cynical American who sticks his neck out for no one, especially Victor’s wife Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman). Ilsa offers herself in exchange for Laszlo’s transport out of the country and Rick must choose between personal happiness and countless lives hanging in the balance.

Followed by:

Jacques Tourneur’s Out of the Past
(1947, 97 min)
A tenacious detective (Robert Mitchum) spinning his wheels to make good. A drop-dead beauty (Jane Greer) up to no good, and moneyed mobster (Kirk Douglas) with a shark’s grin, plus double-crosses, fall guys, shadowy rooms, and bleak souls. Mitchum plays a one-time private investigator walking the straight and narrow of small-town life until an acquaintance from his past pulls him back into the troubles he’d left behind.