Crime, Horror, Mystery

RetroGothic Film Series Presents

Blood and Black Lace

60th Anniversary!

  • Sat, Mar 23
    • 7:10pm - Cinema One
  • Sun, Mar 24
    • 7:10pm - Cinema One
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A masked man with a metal-claw glove stalks models at a couple’s (Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok) fashion salon in Rome. At the Cristiana Haute Couture fashion house, models and their boyfriends excel at the art of backstabbing, blackmail, and snorting cocaine. That is, until a faceless maniac embarks on a mission of death! After the one-two punch of “Black Sunday” and “Black Sabbath,Bava unleashed this movie that perfected the ultra-violent sub-genre that would come to be known as “giallo.” With a mood that mashes together the elegance of a quiet rain on a summer night with the luridness of a trashy paperback, it’s no wonder why Martin Scorsese once referred to this movie as “an incredible moment for cinema.”