Comedy, Fantasy, Retro, Romance

MovieDiva Film Series Presents

Bell, Book and Candle

  • Wed, Nov 30
    • 7:00pm
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Gillian Holyrod is a witch. She is also smart, sensual, and independent. Must she give up her magic if a 1950s happy ending is to prevail? The setting is an exquisite fantasy Manhattan, with midcentury modern decor, Russell Wright china, African art, and Kim in gorgeous black, red and leopard print clothes. Playwright John Van Druten was gay, most famous for I Am a Camera, which became Cabaret.

“No one with any degree of familiarity with post WWII Greenwich Village will have any trouble seeing the ‘witches’ and ‘warlocks’ of this romantic fantasy for the gays and lesbians they really are, even in the midst of a purely heterosexual main plot.” -David Ehrenstein