Comedy, Romance

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  • Wed, Sep 25
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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Impish Amélie Poulaine is shy, but blossoms when she discovers a knack for doing good deeds. Devoted to her Monmartre neighborhood and delighting in simple pleasures, Audrey Tatou’s indelible gamine embodies all the mischievous promise of the City of Lights. Although the director’s previous film was distinctly dystopian, Amélie is utopian in its outlook. This romantic movie uses digital techniques to create a fairy tale aura, using colored filters and retro accordion music, and the image of a “boite a souvenirs” the memory box that Amelie finds and begins her adventure. The blending of digital effects and conventional photography creates an eccentricity unique to Amélie and her deeply personal and imaginative world view. Afterwards, it became a trend in French cities, according to Biba magazine in 2004, to establish residents’ associations and small-scale retail establishments calling the participants “amelie-poulanises” and trying to recreate the warm connections of communities within a larger city. ”The film was like a cloud of happiness on which everyone in the world would like to float,” said the head of Montmartre’s neighborhood association. There was a backlash in France, as the film shows an idealized Paris scrubbed of graffiti, traffic and minorities, but it was courageous to make a sweet film about generosity. Do audiences search for the edgy, seeking to normalize once marginal views of sex and violence? Now, there is nothing more edgy than to be kind.