Comedy, Horror

Nevermore Film Festival Presents

All You Need is Blood

Physical Festival Exclusive

  • Sat, Feb 24
    • 7:10pm - Fletcher Hall
  • Sun, Feb 25
    • 4:30pm - Cinema Two
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16-year-old Bucky dreams of becoming the next arthouse directing sensation. The problem is that the industry in his small town is lacking. When he hears about a local film contest, he and his best friend dive in. The problem, however, is that the film must be a horror movie, and Bucky faints at the sight of blood. The duo hit the jackpot when a strange meteor lands in his backyard and turns his deadbeat father into a brain-eating zombie! Now, the teenage aspiring director is creating the ultimate student film. Sure, it’s the zombie apocalypse, but can Bucky make it artsy enough? Logan Riley Bruner (“Stranger Things”), Neel Sethi (“The Jungle Book”), and newcomer Emma Chasse star alongside Mena Suvari (“American Pie”) and comedian Eddie Griffin (“Undercover Brother”) in this blood-soaked, heartfelt horror-comedy!