Comedy, Romance

OUTSOUTH Film Festival Presents

All Kinds of Love

Centerpiece Selection!

Themes: Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Polyamory, Romance

  • Sat, Aug 13
    • 7:20pm
  • Thu, Aug 18
    • 9:20pm
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When one partner exits, another enters, setting off this frisky, charming rom-com set in Northern California. For sexually conservative, fortysomething Max (Matthew Montgomery), divorce leads to a welcome surprise in the form of a new roommate, the twinkish but emotionally mature young programmer Conrad (Cody Duke). Their chance encounter blossoms into something deeper, threatening to shake Max loose from his old ways. While Max’s still-friendly ex-husband—played by Montgomery’s real-life husband Steve Callahan—tests the waters of kink and non-monogamy and Max’s parents struggle to maintain their fraying interracial throuple, Max finds his fling with Conrad providing an opportunity for midlife revelations. Playfully embracing a spectrum of approaches to romance while always keeping things light, writer-director David Lewis (“Longhorns”) offers a sweet, comic glimpse into all that queer love makes possible—with ample flesh to boot. “All Kinds of Love” is a comedy enlivened by a sense of life’s constant potential and the knowledge that sex and romance cross all kinds of identities and phases of life.