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About That Kiss

Women/Lesbian Drama Shorts - International

  • Thu, Aug 10
    • 8:10pm
  • Sat, Aug 12
    • 9:00pm
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Borrowed Hands* (Director: Adrián Monroy Molina)
A young woman with cerebral palsy decides to hire a sex worker to experience her first sexual encounter, but it does not turn out as expected, resulting in intimacy and complicity.

The End* (Director: Fernando Reinaldos)
In their last years, Carmen has dedicated herself body and soul to caring for her wife Rosa, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. In each gesture, Carmen maintains the hope that Rosa will look at her as she used to do when they were younger.

I Love Every Atom of Your Body* (Alejandro Lobo León)
Cintia and Alegria, friends and classmates, are having a study session for Literature but, at 17, it’s hard to focus, especially when one of them has such important news.

The Microcosm (Director: Joe Ingham)
London, 1966. Homosexuality between men is still criminalized. Women don’t fare any better. A woman who is exposed as a lesbian can expect to lose her job, her lodgings, and her family. It is a tough, dangerous and nerve-wracking existence. But in one subterranean corner of Chelsea, society’s rules don’t apply. The Gateways club offers a safe haven for women to dance, express themselves and love who they want. Or does it? English poet Maureen Duffy published “The Microcosm” in 1966, turning her probing gaze to London’s first and infamous lesbian hangout. In this searingly honest work, based on her own experience, Maureen examines if this gay bar, and those like it, really offered the freedom its patrons craved. Fifty-six years later Maureen’s words are brought vividly to life by two-time Oscar winner Glenda Jackson. Jackson, along with director Joe Ingham, draw striking parallels between the past and the present and explore the uncomfortable paradox that exists within queer spaces.

Pussy Love (Director: Linda Krauss)
Cool Cat invites you to join the world of Pussy Love. Enjoy a show of lust and laziness! Let’s have fun with tits and vaginas. The claws are sharp, the soda is sparkling, and the fur is getting wet. Romance is kitsch. But even the most jaded cat can still be lost for love.

She’s a Sensation* (Director: Manu Fernandez)
Ángelo, a boxing trainer, is preparing Irene—La Perla Torres—to fight for a world title. La Perla tattoos a word on her heart, convinced that this will give her special power in combat. Things get complicated when everyone discovers that her rival, Katia-Machine Gun-Martínez, has also tattooed her heart.

Swallows* (Director: Sara Bamba and Iván Martín Ruedas)
Swallows always come back in summer. A heartbreaking story of two women who are separated and pretend to their daughter that they are still together.

What the Fuck is Going On Between Us, Fuck?* (Director: Justina Jürgensen)
The young soccer player, Lola, is desperate. If only she wasn’t so hopelessly in love with her teammate Zoe. But Zoe hardly notices her, or does she? During joint training, Lola makes no secret of her dislike and tries to hide her feelings from the rest of the team. But with her behavior, she unintentionally sabotages her own goal. Has she now lost her chances with Zoe forever, or is there still a way?

*In native language with English subtitles




  • Thursday, August 10  |  Cinema One  |  8:10 PM
  • Saturday, August 12  |  Cinema Two  |  9:00 PM