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About That Kiss

Women/Lesbian Comedy & Romance Shorts

  • Sat, Aug 10
    • 12:50pm - Cinema One
  • Mon, Aug 12
    • 9:00pm - Fletcher Hall
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DONOR (US, 2024) – How far will a desperate sister go to get her wife pregnant when she needs her brother’s sperm to get the job done?
Director – Erin Doyle Cooper

FUCK THIS SHIT, LOVE ME! (Czech Republic, 2024) – Emma pours out her frustrations into her diary about the challenges of finding true love in a world where bad dates follow worse ones, and dating apps bring more despair than hope. But what if what Emma really needs is not what she’s been so desperately searching for? Love can come unexpectedly, especially if it is closer than you think.
Director – Daniel Path

GIRLFRIENDS* (France, 2024) – Hélène and Samia are very close. So close, in fact, that Samia used to tell her all the details of her relationship with her ex, Gaby, including the most shocking ones. But now that Hélène is the one dating Gaby, she can’t stop thinking about it. To escape jealousy, she decides to erase this information from her memory with the help of a magic potion advertised by a love-influencer.
Director – Claire Bonnefoy
*In French with English subtitles

PRIORITIES* (Spain, 2023) – Prefer a darker edge to your humor? Ane and Andrea are in their bedroom having sex. Life goes on outside, but they have lost track of time. Although they sometimes think they are thirsty – as in dehydrated – they want to seize their moment together and hug each other again, until their bodies can’t take it anymore and help arrives from outside to save them.
Director – Tamara Lucarini
*In Spanish with English subtitles

RIPE! (US, 2024) – Nothing says “it’s complicated” like breaking your crush’s arm in a futbol game. A lesbian version of our favorite dreamlike romance classics like “Call Me By Your Name” and “Before Sunrise.” Yep, one of the Executive Producers is indeed soccer great Kelley O’Hara.

SIMP (US, 2024) – Sometimes two people are perfect for each other, even if one of them is an idiot.
Director – Gabriel Carnick

SLUGFEST (Austria, 2023) – A playful, engaging martial arts experience that delves into the “inner-feminist struggles” that have characterized recent years and decades. “Slugfest” invites a spirited debate, however, as the final message is decidedly a mixed one. Do we all really agree?
Director – Jasmin Hagendorfer

UNCOMFY (Canada, 2024) – A woman in a comfortable, heteronormative relationship reaches out to a very intriguing escort to explore her queer side in a quest to answer the age-old question, “Am I missing out on something?”
Director – Jenna Harder