Comedy, Drama, Romance

MovieDiva Film Series Presents

A Letter to Three Wives

  • Wed, Jul 24
    • 7:00pm - Cinema One
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Deborah, Rita and Lora Mae have a frenemy, Addie Ross, who has “stolen” one of their husbands. They contemplate their marriages in unfurling flashbacks. Three suburban couples illustrate the state of post-WWII matrimony, the service members who wed naïvely while still in uniform (Jeanne Crain and Jeffrey Lynn), the two-career couple (Ann Southern and Kirk Douglas), and the woman who has married up but finds her status shaky (Linda Darnell and Paul Douglas). Joseph L. Mankiewicz won both the original screenplay and director’s Oscar. He would do the same the following year for All About Eve, a feat that has never been matched. The three friends depart on a day long boat trip when they receive Addie’s poisonous letter. Trapped on the water, they cannot confirm the status of their unions until the end of the day. The three wives don’t turn on one another but save their animosity for the mean girl rival they each see as a more perfect mate than they are. There are plenty of wisecracks, some courtesy of the sassy Thelma Ritter. The women jockey for men that hardly seem worth their time and effort. But how magnetic can Addie really be? “It goes down like an anxiety-glazed donut with a filling of hope” (